Hair Extension Master Class

Embark on a transformative journey to master the art of hair extensions with our exclusive and comprehensive program.
Designed for hairstylists seeking to elevate their skills and expand their expertise, our Hair Extension Education Master Class provides a deep dive into the world of Glam Seamless and Priscilla Valles hair extensions.

Led by industry professionals with extensive experience, our master class offers an immersive learning experience that covers every aspect of hair extensions. From installation techniques to maintenance and safe removal practices, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the different types of extensions, including clip-ins, tape-ins, wefts, keratin bonds, and halos. Discover which extension type is best suited for different hair types and client preferences, ensuring customised and stunning results.

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In our Hair Extension Education Master Class, you will learn:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of Glam Seamless and Priscilla Valles hair extensions, including installation, maintenance, and removal techniques.
  • Understanding the different types of hair extensions: clip-ins, tape-ins, wefts, keratin bonds, and halos, and determining the best option for each client.
  • Safe installation practices to protect your clients' natural hair while achieving flawless extensions.
  • Proven methods for maintaining extensions, ensuring long-lasting wear and client satisfaction.
  • Proper and damage-free techniques for removing extensions, preserving the integrity of the natural hair.
  • The art of cutting and styling extensions for various occasions and looks.
  • Insider tips and tricks from industry professionals to enhance your hairstyling expertise.
  • By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge and skills to confidently install, maintain, and remove hair extensions, providing exceptional results for your clients.
  • Certification in Glam Seamless and Priscilla Valles Extensions, validating your expertise in the industry-standard methods trusted by successful stylists worldwide.
  • A certificate of completion to showcase your newly acquired skills and enhance your professional credentials.

Upon completing the Hair Extension Education Master Class, you'll emerge as a certified expert in Glam Seamless and Priscilla Valles Extensions. This distinguished certification validates your mastery of proven methods that thousands of successful stylists worldwide have relied upon to deliver exceptional results. Plus, you'll receive a well-deserved certificate of completion, proudly showcasing your newly acquired skills and expertise.

Join us for the Hair Extension Education Master Class and unlock the secrets to creating breathtaking, voluminous hair transformations. Expand your repertoire, boost your career, and join the ranks of esteemed stylists who have harnessed the power of exceptional hair extensions.

How the day will play out:

During your day with our Educators here is what you can expect…

Arrive: Check-in

Once you arrive for your certification day you will be checked in by one of our Education staff. You will receive your extension kit. This extension kit will include all the tools you need.


🎓 Meet other stylists & find a spot to get started

🎓 Prepare yourself to take notes and learn the most popular extension method

Extension Theory

We have structured our education to give you all the knowledge needed to be a professional in extensions, to start with we will cover all the important areas such as consultation, maintenance, colour matching and quoting your clients.


During the demonstration phase, we will answer any questions you may have about the theory as well as show you specific tips that can help you efficiently section and install the extensions. So that when you get to the hands-on portion of the class you will have a clear path to complete the method.


🎓 Demonstration from our education team

🎓 Learn tricks that will make you more efficient with the application

🎓 Prepare you for success in the hands-on portion of the class

Practical Learning

The best way to learn is by doing. So during this section, you will be asked to provide a model, colour match, consult, pre-quote, section and install the extensions. 

Our educators will then aid and assist you to cut and style your model once the application is complete. 


🎓 Demonstration from our education team

🎓 Practice application on a live model

🎓 Learn how to cut & Style extensions

Continued Support

Our goal is to continue to support you so that you can have success throughout your entire career as a stylist.


🎓 Hair Extension Complete Certification

If you are a stylist or becoming a stylist you will have to stay up to date on the latest trends.

Being certified in the most popular extension method in the industry will ensure you will get new clients and provide the highest quality service.

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