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The Glam Seamless 24K Perfect Styling Brush is a lightweight styling tool that’s perfect for both extensions and natural hair. Its malleable yet firm blend of nylon and boar bristles evenly distributes your natural hair oils from the scalp through your hair for more manageable and moisturised locks. In-between hair installs, the 24K Perfect Styling Brush uses its pneumatic cushion to ebb and flow with the contours of your scalp for gentle exfoliation and massage and to effortlessly detangle even the thickest, coarse hair. This brush can be used on all hair types for everyday brushing, styling, and especially for creating the perfect pony.
It’s best to brush your hair extensions in the morning and before bed by firmly holding hair mid-shaft to take the pressure off your bonds. Starting about two inches from the tip of the hair, brush downward. When the hair is tangle-free, you can move your hands up a few inches to the next section and once again brush downward. Repeat until your hair is completely detangled and knot-free. Be extremely gentle when brushing at the roots as to not loosen your bonds.
Avoid putting hair products or harsh chemicals directly on to the brush.
Periodically, clean the pad and bristles of your 24K Perfect Styling Brush by running a thin comb between bristles to remove hair strands. Use a dampened towel to wipe the cushion, handle and bristles but do not submerge in water.
  • Nylon and Boar Bristles
  • Plastic Base and Handle
  • Rubber Cushion
IMPORTANT: This item is sold as is and is not eligible for a return or an exchange. 

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