Hand Tied Tape-ins Beige Ombre Blonde (12)

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Hand Tied Tape-in Beige Blonde (11) Hand Tied Tape-in Blonde (9) Hand Tied Tape-in Blondish (8/9) Hand Tied Tape-in Bright Blonde with Lowlight (13) Hand Tied Tape-in Brightest Blonde with Lowlight (14) Hand Tied Tape-in Bronde Ombre (7A) Hand Tied Tape-in Dark Brown (3) Hand Tied Tape-in Dark Brown (3) Hand Tied Tape-in Darkest Brown (2) Hand Tied Darkest Golden Brown (7B) Hand Tied Tape-in Jet Black (1) Hand Tied Tape-in Rooted Dark Blonde (8) Hand Tied Tape-in White Platinum (16) Hand Tied Tape-ins Beige Ombre Blonde (12) Hand Tied Tape-ins Medium Ombre Brown (5) Hand Tied Tape-ins Natural Black (1B) Hand Tied Tape-ins Neutral Blonde (10) Hand Tied Tape-ins Ombre Light Brown (6A) Hand Tied Tape-ins Rooted Ice Platinum (15) Hand Tied Tape-ins Rooted Light Brown (6B)
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Priscilla Valles is THE celebrity hair extensionist who styles such luscious locks as Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, Kate Hudson, and Megan Fox. These Hand Tied tape-in hair extensions are part of our exclusive collection, Glam Seamless x Priscilla Valles, and designed with a unique, extra length 2.5" hand-knotted tape tab. Each piece of hair is hand sewn onto the silk mesh base to appear as though the hair on the tape bond is your own scalp. They are lightweight, non-damaging, discreet and can be installed in less than an hour. They’re 100% reusable–they can typically be reinstalled up to 3 times making them a great investment.

• Extra length, hand-knotted tape tab
• Designed for ultimate length and volume
• Best for normal hair
• Premium 100% Remy human hair extensions
• Double drawn (hair thick from root to tip) with an extra 1" of cutting space
• Color safe
• Heat safe

• 21” - 42 grams
• 25” - 49 grams

Total 7 tape-ins per pack:
• Can be cue in half to make 14 tape-in bonds

Recommend 1-2 packs for added volume, 3-7 packs for full head coverage.

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