Invisi Tape-in Golden Blonde (23)
Invisi Tape-in Golden Blonde (23)

Invisi Tape-in Golden Blonde (23)

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Tape-ins are the #1 most requested hair extension method in the world and our best-selling, semi-permanent stylist method. Invisi tape-ins are designed as the most undetectable tape-in, making them perfect for fine or thinning hair. Each hair strand is hand sewn into the tape bond to mimic the look of natural hair growth. This unique process gives the illusion the extensions are growing directly out of your scalp. With this design, even if you have super fine hair you cannot see where the tape-ins have been installed which is why they’re considered the most invisible tape-in hair extension in the world. They are lightweight, non-damaging, discreet and can be installed in less than an hour. They’re 100% reusable–they can typically be reinstalled up to 3 times making them a great investment.

• Invisible tape tab technology
• Ultimate discretion, to mimic hair growth
• Best for all hair types and fine or thinning hair
• Premium 100% Remy human hair extensions
• Double drawn (hair thick from root to tip) with an extra 1" of cutting space
• Colour safe
• Heat safe

• 16” - 30 grams
• 20” - 35 grams

Total 10 tape-ins per pack:
• Natural volume - 1-2 packs recommended
• Mega volume - 2-8 packs recommended

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